Green Bay Packers NFL Game predictions for 2017

Green Bay Packers NFL Game: The NFL off season is a time for big, bold predictions. It is a time where fans of the Cleveland Browns believe that they finally have a Super Bowl caliber team, or where Dallas Cowboy fans think Zeke Elliott will run for 3,000 yards. Obviously, both of these predictions are completely unrealistic. In predicting the upcoming season for the Green Bay Packers, some predictions are reasonable. Aaron Rodgers will throw under 10 interceptions. Jordy Nelson will have 1,000 receiving yards. But what are some absolute bold predictions?

Aaron Rodgers will have fewer than four interceptions

During his “run the table” hot streak last year, Rodgers was dialed in, throwing zero interceptions for several games. Now that the Packers have found a running game, the pressure for Rodgers to throw every down will lessen. That will mean Rodgers won’t have to force unnecessary passes. It will lead to Rodgers throwing only three interceptions on the year.

Green Bay Packers NFL Game predictions for 2017

Green Bay Packers NFL Game

“I’m not going to say it’s a rare trait for rookies, but, as focused as he is, I feel like he’s definitely going to be able to have a great impact,” Adams said. “And I feel like he should have gotten drafted a lot higher based on what I’ve been seeing out there. He’s got great body control.”

“His willingness to learn is really what gets me more than anything,” he said. “A lot of guys come in and you can see the athleticism, which he has a ton of, but I feel like his attention to detail (is special) coming in.”

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Dupre dove into the playbook from Day 1 and has become a daily bookworm of the Green Bay Packers NFL Game playbook. Fellow young Packers receivers have been pleasantly surprised by Dupre’s knowledge and awareness on the field.

“He’s picking up on the material fast,” Packers second-year wide receiver Geronimo Allison said. “He’s coming in hungry. He’s working hard. You can tell he’s in the playbook. Any opportunities that he gets, he’s going out there and play fast and make that adjustment pretty smoothly right now.”


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